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Promote Healthy Hair with Oil and Massage

woman in heat cap reading a pamphlet holding and looking at a bottle of product

We should all be periodically reminded that our scalp is the feeding ground for our hair to grow and flourish and the reminder is always a good thing. We may not think about it daily or even monthly. Therefore, it’s easily overlooked and often the root (no pun intended!) of many hair issues and problems we can experience. How you treat this delicate area will affect the overall results of healthy hair. In short, you get out what you put in!


The functionality of our Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil is written right in the title! Stimulating the scalp provides us with healthy hair, and who doesn’t love a good massage?


So let’s think about our scalp for a minute by reviewing some surefire ways to get healthy hair with our Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil.


Be consistent

Let us be up front, this bottle won't give you instant results regarding growth or reversing damaged hair. However, it will provide you with an instant soothing effect (spoiler: it’s the peppermint!) while feeding your scalp with the blend of vitamin and antioxidant-rich oils, herbs, and essential oils used regularly to help promote hair growth. 

Synopsis: It’s a great place to start to promote hair growth.


Don’t overdo it!

While this tiny bottle is full of goodness, please don’t reach for it daily.  Overuse of any oil can lead to build-up on your scalp, which in turn can cause hair issues such as curls not holding up, flat/weighed down and dull-looking hair. Overuse can also potentially cause hair loss in women as the dead skin becomes trapped, along with oil and sweat, clogging the hair follicles.

Synopsis: Not a daily use product.


Give it time 

Whether you are using this at the start of your wash day as a pre-treatment scalp massage or a hot oil-treatment, it needs to sit on the scalp for a minimum of 15 minutes for all those nourishing ingredients to be fully absorbed. Improving scalp health takes time. 

Synopsis: Be patient. Let it work its magic.


Double cleanse 

In the same way as not overdoing it by using it daily, you need to ensure any oil residue is adequately removed during the cleansing process and before you style. This doesn’t mean two different shampoos. Use your favorite Jessicurl shampoo twice and get your fingertips into the scalp area. This, in turn, will also get the blood circulation going to promote hair growth, so it's another win for your scalp!

Synopsis: Twice is nice!


So there you have it, really big things come in small packages and if your scalp could talk it might be saying “don’t forget about me!” 


Show your hair’s foundation some love and we promise, it will love you back!