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8 oz. bottle of Confident Coils being poured into hand with background of different areas and weather conditions.

Confident Coils

No matter the weather, keep your curls together

Curated By You

It's finally here, the more you buy the more you save!

Cruelty Free and Vegan

Certified Gluten-Free

Free of Parabens, Silicones, SLS/SLES

Celebrating over 20 Years!

A Message From Our Founder Jessica McGuinty:

Jessicurl is all about accepting ourselves and loving our curls. It's about pride. Because if we are not proud of ourselves, who will be? We are all unique, with different hair types, textures and curl patterns. What we share is our desire to have naturally beautiful curls and quality products to use on them.

I used to hate my hair and did everything I could to hide my beautiful curls. My hair obsession was so strong that it destroyed my confidence and self-esteem. Then I decided that to love myself, I had to love my curls. But I couldn’t find products that didn’t either strip all the natural moisture from my hair or gunk it up with heavy oils and waxes. I knew it was up to me to create the products that I needed, and started experimenting in my kitchen. After much trial and error, I created my first successful product. I still remember smiling back at myself in the mirror. Finally!

That was in 2002 and since then curlies of all types and textures have learned to embrace their curls and themselves using Jessicurl products. I think it’s awesome that more curlies are embracing their natural curls and textures. Confidence is life changing and I’m thrilled to be a part of your realization that You Have The Right To Remain Curly.

Jessicurl's Story

I’ve never had easy hair, and it’s gotten considerably more challenging with age. Even still, with your products, I’m feeling much encouraged, and a whole lot more attractive. I’m a fan and as an extroverted educator, I will spread word of your glorious products to everyone who will listen!

RM, Tennessee

I just want to say thank you for creating such healthy, effective, luxurious products. I really thought my curls were the best they could be when I was using [Other Brand], but the moment I switched to Jessicurl, I could see and feel better clumping, more defined ringlets, and way better second, third, even fourth day curls. I also love that your products are free of potentially harmful chemicals. I’m using 5 of your products now and I can’t wait to try everything from the collection!

CB, New York

Please continue the great job you are doing. Please let Jessi of Jessicurl know that her products make a difference in people's lives. Truly. As someone who has had celiac for over a decade now (and migraines for longer) it has been a journey trying to find products that I can use that work without hurting me. Jessicurl products are such a rare find.


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