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Curly Chronicle - Carleen Sanchez

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Hello Curlies,

Jess met some amazing people that were really moving the bar in the curly hair movement in her quest to bring her beautiful curly peers into the spotlight. It is an honor to check back in with these early adopters of Jessicurl products and see how they are doing with their curly hair businesses, get introduced to people that they have influenced through Jessicurl, and reaffirm for all of us Curlies that we are indeed a community.


Next up in our ongoing series of curly hair stylist interviews is Carleen Sanchez in Reno, NV. I love seeing Carleen’s social media posts because it is so clear that curly hair is a huge passion for her, and the resulting photos prove it! Not to mention, she pampers her clients during their appointments :) If you’re in or near Reno, I think you’ll love Carleen. :) Giver her a call at 775.721.2969 or visit

How long have you been in business?

I have had the honor of serving my guests and uplifting the salon industry through my residency program since 2003. 

Where are you located?

I am located In Midtown Reno Nevada in a private boutique salon getaway.

What made you go into the hair business?

My first adult job was as a professional athlete Snowboarder (Big Air, Halfpipe, slopestyle) Then I was a massage therapist and an Esthetician. I wanted to get out of the "quiet" services and return to my fun roots and be in the salon where all the fun and laughter is. Life is supposed to be happy and I am happiest working with my team of style residents serving my guests. 

What is unique about your work, what sets you apart?

A visit with me is a complete experience. EACH guest is treated to aromatherapy, cuddly blankets, hand arm and scalp massage, hot towel conditioning treatments, makeup tips and tricks, DYI manicure, cocktails, color bar, snack bar, photoshoot, multiple gifts, glamor strands, curly hairstyle lessons and of course hydrated, beautiful hair they can't wait to show off. I have 5 Licensed Cosmetologist Style Residents that I mentor, who assist me in creating this all inclusive experience for my fabulous guests.

You specialize in curly hair, what made you adopt that focus?

I love how when I am cutting curly hair a random curl will reach up and hug my finger. I have curly hair and Curly hair speaks to my heart and to my hands. I love to connect with my curly guests and really hear their past struggles and help them overcome the fear that salons in the past have instilled in them. 

The Curly Hair Artistry (CHA) group of talented stylists around the world have really inspired and educated me so I could fall even more deeply in love with each curl I meet.

What changes have you seen in relation to curly hair in the last 10 years?

In the last 10 years I have seen more acceptance in the mainstream media but I still think we have a lot more work to do to spread the curl love. 

How did you first hear about Jessicurl?

I was asked to join this amazing league of passionate hairstylists that LOVE Curly Hair called CHA (Curly Hair Artistry). CHA Members are always talking about how awesome Jessicurl products are so I had to give them a try.

How long have you been carrying Jessicurl?

My guests and I have been loving Jessicurl since just after your opened your products for sale.   

What sets Jessicurl apart from other lines, curly or otherwise?

Jessicurl sets apart from other lines because it is EXTREMELY moisturizing and works really well in my dry, Northern Nevada climate. I love the Fragrances and love how Jessicurl is supportive with samples so my guests can easily try new products. I also love Jessicurl Marketing pieces and think they are filled with helpful information.


If you don't already, follow Jessicurl on Instagram to get some really helpful tips from Carleen and other stylists! :) 


We spoke with Carleen and she is still fighting the good fight in Reno Nevada. She is currently working two days a week, servicing 16 clients and always ready to meet more Curlies like us! That’s a work load! In addition and since this interview, Carleen has mentored and trained 16 stylists that have all gone out on their own to create curly friendly salons all over Nevada and beyond. 

Her description of herself on her website says it all:

I am the world's happiest little curly hair and color artist. It is my mission to help the people of the world embrace their gift of curls.”

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