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Your Unknown Impact: Jessica McGuinty

Jessicurl Founder Jessica McGuinty on stage, speaking at TEDx.

Hello Curlies,

Though Jess is no longer with us, she remains in each of our hearts.  We stand resolute in the work that we have been passionately doing for years and our mission has never been more crystal clear. In addition to providing salon-quality hair care products, we are tasked with making certain that Jess’ energy and spirit remains as vibrant and innovative as she was.

Constant reminders of her, woven throughout our company, meet us at every turn from the warehouse to the boardroom, and this week, we began to notice something spectacular within our family here.

We have witnessed our staff individually re-playing her TEDx Talk from ten years ago at their desks. Headphones on, tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces. Reaffirming their commitment to Jess’ legacy to continually lace our foundation with the threads of positivity, love for all humans and commitment to our curly hair nation.

We thought it only appropriate to share her TEDx Talk, in which she verbally bares her soul and observations on the power of individual impacts.

This is exactly how Jessica would want to be remembered as we collectively celebrate her life and the light she brought to the world.

Rest assured Jess that your own impact in this world will forever serve all of us positively and your spirit will live in the work we continue to do as a business and as humans simply being.


My TEDx Talk/Your Unknown Impact by Jessica McGuinty 
(originally posted November 17, 2013)

“I do a lot of public speaking, and it’s always about Jessicurl. Not this time! :) In fact, Jessicurl doesn’t come up in my talk at all.

My talk is called Your Unknown Impact and seeks to remind viewers that those seemingly inconsequential interactions you have with people can sometimes have long-lasting impacts that you often never find out about.

It’s 9 minutes long and I can honestly say I have never prepared more for any other public speaking I’ve ever done. I very much enjoyed the challenge of writing and preparing for the talk but more importantly, I’m grateful to have been reminded of the two stories told in it. We forget that we have an impact on each other with every interaction, and sometimes a conversation that means nothing to you means the world to someone else.

I’d love for you to watch my talk. Thank you for taking the time.”


Please feel free to share her message of unity and impact with those close to you and thank you for being such an integral part of our Curly Hair Nation. We find comfort in and with each other. Watch now.