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You Have Questions & We Have Answers

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We are in the season of giving which often leads new curly hair friends to our curly hair products. We thought this would be the perfect time to go over just a few of the frequently asked questions in regards to our curly hair products and types of curly hair.


If ever you should need more information on other FAQ’s like general questions, shipping, tips on the best curly hair products, or an even  deeper dive into other curly hair questions, please visit our FAQ PAGE!


Jess loved to answer questions that came in from our Curlies and we have kept much of her timeless advice close to share with you.


You Have Questions, I Have Answers


Hi Curlies,

I used to love to do real-time Q&A sessions on Facebook when we first started out and so many wonderful questions were brought up there that I thought I'd put a few of the questions that came up here in the blog. Hopefully something here helps you in your hair routine. :) 


I am finally ready to truly embrace my curls and I am both equally excited as well as nervous. Which Jessicurl products should I start with?

Our collections are a good starting point. The Light & Luminous Collection is great for fine waves and curls, Rich & Radiant Collection for thicker, dryer curls, and the Confidence Collection for coily or coarse hair. We also have some great resources for choosing the best products for your hair on our Curly Care Center, and we're always a click away with all the tips, tricks and advice you'll ever need at We are real people who love to interact with you as you need us.


What's the difference between the Confident Coils product and the Rockin' Ringlets? I've actually used them both, but a long time ago for the Confident Coils one. I seem to remember that the Confident Coils one had less hold, but I can't really be sure. I love the Rockin' Ringlets one to pieces, but it seems to make my hair a little dry.

Answer: The two products actually work really well together. Rockin' Ringlets is quite curl enhancing, so it helps to tighten the curls. Confident Coils is great for curl definition and frizz control. So together, they're like a bra: lift and separate. :) Of the two, Confident Coils has more hold. I hope that helps but let me know if you have any other questions. :) 

This is a great time to remind you all that we have several product demo videos on our YouTube channel that show some really helpful tricks and tips for applying the products and getting the best results. You can check those out here.


My daughter has 3c/4a dense coils. The ends curl up beautifully, but the first 6-8 inches, there's little to no definition. What can I do?

How long is your daughter's hair? It's common for longer curly hair to do this, as the weight of the length pulls the curls out somewhat from the root. Also, how old is she? If it's age-appropriate, diffusing with her head upside down can help to encourage better curl at the roots. Of course, if she's a toddler I wouldn't recommend that. :)

Customer reply: Her hair pulled straight is about to her belly button, curled- to her shoulders. She is 11 years old.

Ahh, yes, that's pretty long. :) And I'd imagine also thick/heavy. The plunking method also really helps increase curls at the roots. Here's a link to a video I made a million years ago demonstrating it. :) 


I keep hearing the word “porosity” and I’m just not sure what it means. Can you simplify that for me?

GREAT QUESTION, and important. Porosity refers to your hair cuticle's ability to absorb and retain moisture. High porosity hair easily absorbs and may easily lose moisture. Low porosity hair tends to repel moisture. You can determine the porosity of a clean, dry hair strand by placing it in a cup of water for 3 minutes. Low porosity hair tends to float while high porosity hair tends to sink. "Normal" porosity hair will float in the middle. For more information please see our Porosity page!


I keep coming across your products but I don’t have particularly “curly” hair. Are your products only for curly haired people?

We get this one a lot and we are just really happy that you are here. Wavy or not, you are in the right place. While our Oils, Cleansers and Conditioners are made for everyone, almost all of our Styling products contain curl enhancing ingredients. The exception is Spiralicious Styling Gel which provides a strong hold with no curl enhancement. The bottom line is there is something here for everybody.



We do such a deeper dive on our FAQ page and champion you to check out answers to questions that you might not have found here. We are so happy that you are on this curly haired journey with us and hope you have found your community. As we love to tell all of our Curlies “You have the right to remain curly”.