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Tips for Curlies Who Workout

background of drawn curl patterns with three pictures of woman superimposed, each woman has her hair up in a different hair style, ready to work out

Your workout deserves your full attention and you don’t need to worry about your hair getting in the way. While we can’t guide you on the best way to get your heart rate up, we can give you some of our best tips on how to walk away from your workout with your hair looking fabulous!

Start Dry

You are going to be moving your curls around and you are going to sweat so starting with your curls as dry as possible will help to eliminate unruly frizz that will need to be tamed post workout.

Get Your Curls Out Of The Way

Keeping your hair up and out of the way not only serves to keep your line of sight clear but also protects against the damage control you will have to do post-workout if you don’t. Try to use a style that positions the bulk of your hair on top of your head and not lower where it can collect moisture produced by your workout. If you enjoy high impact workouts, or need a more secure style, try a French braid or side braids. While this will require a more extensive refresh, these options are very gentle on curls and highly secure.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep those beautiful curls up & protected while you get your sweat on:

Pineapple: This is the classic go-to style for most Curlies. It is simply a ponytail directly on top of your head. When you look a little like a pineapple you have succeeded!

Space Buns: Part your hair down the middle and clip the two halves. Coil your halves around their respectful scrunchies and bobby pin in place. 

The Claw: Get a large claw clip and gather your curls on top of your head and simply claw it together. Get a good resistance clip that can sustain the movement of working out.

Accessories: Cotton scrunchies are just going to soak up all that head moisture and pass it along to your curls. You don’t want that, so use our vegan Eucalyptus Silk Scrunchie to reduce frizz.


Keep It Up

Leave your hair up while you cool down, and even while you shower. This seems counterintuitive at first but remember, your scalp is probably sweaty. If you drop those curls down that sweat is also going to make its way down your curls. Next thing you know, your dry curls are not so dry anymore and you are back to battling the frizz.


Refresh and Go!

Your curls have just been through a lot! Treat them well and refresh them with our mid-day curl refresher Awe Inspiraling Refresher SprayThis will not only revitalize your curls without having to do a full wash but will also take a little of that post-workout smell away. For a revitalizing & relaxing fragrance experience, try either of the “Island Fantasy” or “Citrus Lavender” scents. If you want all of the refreshing power, without any added fragrance, try “No Fragrance Added”.

Your curls are along for the ride in everything you do but sometimes they require some extra care. There are ways to keep them happy while you live your active lifestyle, you just need to find what suits you best!