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I love, love, love them all!

I recently received samples of the full range and have been working my way through them. Game changer! My hair absolutely loves everything I've tried, from the cleansing and conditioning to the styling. My absolute favourites have to be the Rocking Ringlets and the Spiralicious Gel, I am now day 3 with no refreshes and my curls. And waves look even better than they did on wash day. My only criticism is that I found the gel a little runny and difficult to apply for that reason but the results are fantastic. I will definitely be buying the full sizes of some of them, sadly I can't afford all of them, but I have recommended the range to curly friends who are waiting for their products now. Thank you for such a fantastic product

I wish I’d found these products sooner!

Fab products. Make my curls defined and lasts for days!! So glad I discovered the brand!

Wavy Sample Pack
This pack is amazing

I love this pack it’s so good for curly hair I had it free with an order I placed , a great way to try before you buy and it did not disappoint

Defined curls and happy hair

I find Jessicurl suits my hair brilliantly. I have lots of fine curls (3A) that quickly lose definition and can become frizzy. Coil confident is great at getting the best from my curls. I also love the rockin ringlets and get good results with that too (but not together). Less is more so the bottles last a long time. Great to have Jessicurl in the UK.

Not for me

Ordered the sample pack and was very excited to try. . My hair ended up a fluffy mess with definition. Maybe it’s because of the glycerine.
Not sure if these products are for me

Loved it

The nicest hair products i have tried will definitely be treating myself

Love it!

I have tried numerous products over the years, some are quite good but my new Jessicurl product are really amazing!

Not for me

I have type 2B hair. I loved the conditioner, can’t fault it. Smells mildly of herbs, detangles, softens and is lightweight. Shampoo on the other hand didn’t leave my scalp clean, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride seems to immediately cause me a buildup.

Spiralicious to the rescue

Spiralicious is my go-to Gel. It keeps my waves looking frizz free and they feel so soft. I love that it has no protein, as my hair is sensitive to protein at the moment. Best gel for my hair by far.

Amazing curl popper

I love Jessicurl have just gone back to embracing my curly hair after straightening for the past 6 years. Last time I was curly Jessiecurl products were my favourite and they are again now. Love confident curls it make my curls clump and pop while feeling super soft.

Trying something different

Coils curls is a game changer v happy


Really good products. Fast delivery. Happy customer!

Gorgeous moisture curl boost

Awe inspiring spray is amazing as a moisture boost on wet or dry hair. It adds oomph and volume too and magically revitalises any product from its own range and other other product from other brands you have in your curls.

Aloeba Daily Conditioner
Veronika Georgieva
Best products I have ever tried for curly hair!

Best products I have ever tried for curly hair!

Wavy Sample Pack
Debbie Wallace
Great products

Great products, at last I feel like I'm getting my hair under control - thank you!

Love it

This is now one of my favourite products. It’s so rare to find an unscented conditioner that also works well. Restores moisture to hair after clarifying, chelating, dyeing and heat styling. I like that it comes in a tube so it’s easy to squeeze.


Best products I have found in years !!!!

Love the styling products

At last round the product that works with my hair 😊

Good stuff!

This product is much more liquid than I was expecting from a gel. It works really well though and is humidity proof which will be great for reducing frizz when we get into the next spell of wet/damp weather.

Beautifully defines my curls (smells lush and clean )

very nice products .. love te awe inspiring spray and gelebration .. just used the sample pack for curls .. was lovely .. worked well for defnition and moisture

Wonderful Stuff

My heritage is Anglo-Caribbean and I have curly hair something like a 3B/3C. I have always found it extremely difficult to find hair products that do not weigh my hair down and am forever looking for ‘the one’. I happened upon this company on Instagram and ordered a set of samples (brilliant idea by the way).

I do not exaggerate when I say that the products are revolutionary. The hair cleanser is lightweight and makes my scalp feel fresh and clear of debris. The conditioner softens my curls without making them feel heavy and full of gloopy residue like other conditioners can do. The styling products I have used; Rocking Ringlets, Confident Coils and Sparalicious Styling Gel are all very easy to use and really accentuate my beautiful ringlety curls.

This company and their products are little short of amazing. Thank you !


Really pleased with these samples, I’ve wanted to try some of these products for a long time and will definitely be making a purchase. Thanks

No dry hair

First products I’ve used that keep my hair looking nice even on the days in between washing, highly recommend. 😀

So good I bought the full sizes.

I have thick wavy hair that doesn’t usually hold it’s wave for long. Most products are too heavy to help maintain the wavey curls. But I have to admit, the sample pack was brilliant on first wash and even better on second. My wavey curls stayed the whole week! Unheard of to only wash my hair once a week, and amazing that it looked good the whole time. I liked it so much, I bought the whole set in larger sizes (when there was an offer because it is expensive).

Jessicurl conditioner

Fab product